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The Gates of Horn and Ivory

Two Gates the silent House of Sleep adorn; Of polish'd Iv'ry this, that of transparent Horn:
True Visions thro' transparent Horn arise; Thro' polish'd Iv'ry pass deluding Lies.

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Jul 31, 2019
Apr 24, 2001
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-o-}}}X{{{-o-, from Maryland

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Learning Greek. For fun. May 13, 2019

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Jul 31, 2019
    1. Crazy Dave Number 23
      Crazy Dave Number 23
      Have you tried to strictly feel Atkin's diet? It works for him when he sticks to it; but there can be no slip-up in carbs. At least, not many you must soon counter.
    2. Crazy Dave Number 23
      Crazy Dave Number 23
      My former job had on-call as well. I remember working the day before Thanksgiving; I had call-outs to the neighboring county I was covering; and they were spaced out just enough that almost as soon as I got home I had to turn around and head back out east, and so didn't sleep, and worked through Thanksgiving day, and then had callouts that night as well. And my father is still constantly on-call as a supervisor.

      Anyway, you are here now, so best make the most of it when your on-call is over and continue with your various self-improvements. <3 n the rest.
    3. Crazy Dave Number 23
    4. Pokemonmaster250
      Wow got the awesome package today(sister brang my mail) thanks so much! i love cherry blossom stuff!!! ^-^

      Should of had more mail though oddly, just got that and some ABC stickers...

      Will def. be recycling the wrapping paper for backgrounds too. ^-^
    5. Pokemonmaster250
      Yeah, though wasn't nice jack caught me in the middle of saying something in the car and frenched me off gaurd! XD eww doggie tongue! (specially one that frenches my sis and her BF all the time ikk!)

      Yeah, had Philly Chsese Steak sammy for the first time was yummy and like half the size of a sub and stuffed! Thought 6.99 was abit much when i ordred though...
    6. Pokemonmaster250
      And actually i didn't get it yet, but i'm sure i shall like it(haven't been able to get the po mail yet so got more bday cards then the two i got to see so far). :)
    7. Pokemonmaster250
      Yeah, besides my waiting mail. Got my card from my sister father + jack, dindin out, a bag of lil gifts (sister broke one teasing Jack who found it but can fix it lol) Plus got another card coming from my dads neighbor when we have cake(forgot her wallet in woodstock/fabias in her bfs car so couldn't get cake tonight) and maybe dindin later(since i didn't get my party yet). And she said my other gifts got lost when the dumb machanics were ripping out her backseat to check something instead of checking under the hood in some box with wires coming out where a fuse or something came loose just needed to be poped back in. But she got everything done free + a recipt so they can't bill her later for their mistake.
    8. Pokemonmaster250
      Haven't got my mail yet :( (so only got one of my bday cards so far)

      But, thanks for the card! :)
    9. Duke
      umarrr! <3
    10. Crazy Dave Number 23
      Crazy Dave Number 23
      We're the meeeeen of Wuthering Heights!
      We roam around the moors picking fights!
    11. Crazy Dave Number 23
    12. hiyayaywhopee
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