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Discussion in 'Archipelago' started by Fa Shi, Sep 28, 2010.

The Gates of Horn and Ivory

Two Gates the silent House of Sleep adorn; Of polish'd Iv'ry this, that of transparent Horn:
True Visions thro' transparent Horn arise; Thro' polish'd Iv'ry pass deluding Lies.

  1. Fa Shi

    Fa Shi Moderator Staff Member

    So I busted my sides in /b/ again last night. The /b/tards had a lot of fun with this site:


    What's amazing is you can't type what's in the text box, as they're already-made phrases... yet people still manage to find a way.

    Attachments: a comic a fellow /b/tard made, and a comic I made.

    Note that the site primarily targets little kids.

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  2. Duke

    Duke Mental Oblivion

    haha wow, how did I miss this before? Kids everywhere are scratching their heads :p

    Those people are nuts (but hilarious nuts). I was lurking there one night and a bunch of them decided to jump in the middle of a chat roulette site and start playing some kind of zombie apocalypse wargame where you had to of course troll the other person to hell and back, then give a key phrase or you'd be textually blasted in the face with a shotgun and then switch chat partners... There were a lot of confused / angry / sad people in chat roulette that night.

    Then again, me trying to explain it doesn't do the act itself justice.

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