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Discussion in 'Archipelago' started by umaeril, Nov 14, 2003.

The Gates of Horn and Ivory

Two Gates the silent House of Sleep adorn; Of polish'd Iv'ry this, that of transparent Horn:
True Visions thro' transparent Horn arise; Thro' polish'd Iv'ry pass deluding Lies.

  1. umaeril

    umaeril Guest

    Re: .

    No...doesn't quite go. For some weird reason I was thinking "what rhymes with thee?" and my brain supplied "tea leaves". I must have been thinking tea and just added on the leaves automatically.

    Ok, I hope nobody read that.

    Anyhooooo as for my day it's the same as the one just above.
  2. Re: .

    :lol !
  3. The Gov

    The Gov Guest

    Re: .

    I've just done something that I'll possibly never do again. I listened to all eight minutes of 'Hibakusha for anal sex no. 6,' a ... well, it's not a song, it's a piece of noise ... from Japan's Violent Onsengeisha. (or Violent Onsen Geisha - they change their minds about the spelling all over the album.)

    It starts off with a blary little bit of jazz, which flourishes and stops and then this buzz arrives, like a terrible fly, and it gets louder until it's clear that this is not a fly, it's feedback. The feedback builds and then a woman begins screaming, not singing-screaming, but screaming in pain. It sounds as if they've sampled it off a snuff film. I'm guessing it's a rape scene from a porno. She screams and screams. The feedback keeps buzzing along with the screaming. After a while it begins to develop little hiccoughs, squeaking and bumping like car horns but it's still definitely feedback. She keeps screaming. She screams for six or seven minutes. The feedback gets almost unbearably loud and then the whole thing stops dead, voomp, the noise stops, over.

    About five minutes into it I discovered the strangest thing: I was bored and also horrified, both at once. "Can't she do anything else?" I was thinking, at this howling, distressed woman.

    (Edit: I borrowed this post for my blog, which I haven't updated in ages. But I wrote it here first.)
  4. Re: .

    Sounds wierd.
  5. umaeril

    umaeril Guest

    Re: .

    Sounds more than weird, sounds unnecessary. Why do people feel the need to create things like that in the name of art?
  6. The Gov

    The Gov Guest

    Re: .

    Well - it's part of a musical genre known as Noise, and one of the more famous noise bands, The Boredoms, is, like VOG, Japanese. This kind of music has a following there. Listening to this CD, I'd always pictured VOG as an experimental punk of some kind, screaming and throwing himself around and making a din, but with a machine at his side rather than a drum kit or a guitar. The photographs I've seen make him look plump and shifty.

    You can find Noise MP3s on the Epitonic website, here. Scroll half way down the first page to find The Boredoms.

    A definition of Noise. Also, a history of Noise, and a digression into Japanoise.

    "Japanese style noise music ... pushed this approach to an extreme of loudness and density, which in turn became a major influence on western "noise" bands. Sometimes known as "Japanoise", it is usually associated with "harsh" characteristics including walls of white noise, non-linear pulses, beats, sampled loops, dialogue, and sirens."

    And screaming. Fun.
  7. umaeril

    umaeril Guest

    Re: .

    Oh my friend does noise music. Ever hear of Kingshouse? My favorite was when he took the electric razor and held it beside the guitar strings. Yep, good times....good noise.
  8. Re: .

    The entire Hampton Roads reigon's waterlogged. We have a huge system of tunnels and bridges, that are the bane for commuters and the reason we don't have any major sports teams and, therefore, no one knows what the hell Hampton Roads is or doesn't even know too much about Norfolk except that there's a naval base here.

    I have a ritualistic drive every Sunday morning with my father - parking lots before I got my permit, and now I'm driving around on actual roads. And I went through three tunnels today, two of which I've never been though. But, you know, I'm starting to really get into this driving buisness. It's relaxing without really being relaxing. And what's really nice is getting to know the roads around here, and getting the road map out and planning our routes every week. When I get my liscense, and if gas stays low (it just dropped 25 cents in a week...), I see myself as taking a lot of pleasure drives. It's a shame that people younger than me won't be able to. They're changing to legal driving age around here.
  9. twoism

    twoism Guest

    Re: .

    As much as I usually like experimental, unique music, I honestly can't get into the whole noise phenomena. I mean.. it's just noise. No emotion, no relation.. just basic aural stimulation. I have a few friends that are into a japanese band called OOIOO, and I absolutely hate everything that I have ever listened to by them.

    Of course, I suppose anything can be described as good when you attach the 'A' word to it..

    Maybe I'm a cynic, but I think driving is way overrated. It might be relaxing to drive down a deserted country highway at dusk with NPR on the radio, but generally the roadways here are filled to the brim with bad drivers of all sorts. A few days after driving around town for the first time, I was convinced that I was already a better driver than most everyone else I passed.
  10. umaeril

    umaeril Guest

    Re: .

    That is nice Nick. I used to love taking drives to the ocean when I lived in N. California. It was so relaxing and a beautiful drive.

    TWT (don't know what else to call you), I agree about noise music.
  11. Re: .

    Music is making sense out of noise in my opinion so noise is not music.
  12. Re: .

    I keep seeing these big-ass bugs. I've seen what I thought to be roaches out in the hallway, and in the garage, within the last month. I didn't mention them because no one else saw them, and maybe if I din't mention them they'd simply go away.

    Then, a couple of minutes ago, I saw this huge, vicious green one in my room. It was about as tall as a tennis ball, and looked to have pretty large blades to slice through whatever the hell it wants to slice through. It came from under my closed door, a slit though wich it couldn't possibly have fit though.

    I'm getting some sleep, everybody.
  13. umaeril

    umaeril Guest

    Re: .

    Ugh, where do you live that you have such creatures?

    Speaking of sleep...when I am falling asleep at night I try to contact some aliens. No success so far.

    Hmmm...this is the blog thread. Well really nothing to report, I am studying for my test and it's going ok.
  14. Re: .

    I have just been shopping and I really could do with going back to bed.
  15. Re: .

    Yes, yes. Bed is always a good thing.

    I told my dad about the bugs, and although the one that I described was obviously a hallucination, the two I saw previously probably existed, because we have a certain type of roach-looking bug that isn't actually a roach that decides to plop its ass in our house whenever it starts getting cold outside. So, now I can keep an eye out for them. Horray.
  16. Re: .

    Eeek. Hopefully you can get rid of them.
  17. The Gov

    The Gov Guest

    Re: .

    I haven't heard of Kingshouse, no. The Violent Onsen Geisha CD is something I picked up because a) the cover looked interesting, and b) it was only two dollars. I plan to keep it in reserve and spring it on the next person who tells me that everything in the World Music section is sissy and relaxing.

    I spent six hours on Friday night sorting through the application forms of people who don't know how to write their own addresses. Several of them think they live in an imaginary state called Sydney, others like to cram their full names into the box labelled 'Your Street Number;' but most of them are just utterly utterly clueless re postcodes so they leave them off altogether and mug employees like me sit there at night scanning through whitepages.com.au and whereis.com.au and australiapost.com.au trying to figure out where the hell in Australia they live. They're like, "La la la, I live in Richmond ..." and I'm like, "Which one, mother****er, which one? Australia has five suburbs named Richmond. As well as Richmond North and Richmond South and Richmond West and Richmond Hill and Mount Richmond and Richmond Plains and something called Richmond RAAF which I assume is an air force base." And they're, like, "La la la ..." And then I must kill them with my teeth.

    Coming home across the West Gate Bridge at half past twelve on Thursday night we saw the aftermath of a suicide.
  18. Re: .

    Why bother looking them up? You wouldn't want them to apply if they are that stupid.
  19. The Gov

    The Gov Guest

    Re: .

    It's a loyalty card for a large department store and the store wants to keep its customers happy. Even if they can't spell, don't know where they live, and like to write in teensy-weensy copperplate handwriting on a form that clearly asks them to "PLEASE PRINT IN BLOCK LETTERS" - hey, they still have money, so we have to let them in.

    Trust me, I'm with you. I'd love to be able to say, "Sweetie, if you can't give us your address then we're not going to send you your vouchers and discounts and you're not allowed to complain." But alas. The store sees things differently.
  20. umaeril

    umaeril Guest

    Re: .

    Oh, the aftermath of a suicide? Must have been a lot of blood or something.

    I have a hard time understanding why people kill themselves since it's not likely they are going to be able to come back anytime soon. Or at all for that matter.

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