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I need some help...

Discussion in 'Metropolis' started by Marte666, Feb 22, 2004.

The Gates of Horn and Ivory

Two Gates the silent House of Sleep adorn; Of polish'd Iv'ry this, that of transparent Horn:
True Visions thro' transparent Horn arise; Thro' polish'd Iv'ry pass deluding Lies.

  1. Marte666

    Marte666 Guest

    Ok, is there anyone on this board who's able to translate Spanish when it's written down like you talk it? Eh, I can't explain it better, here's the txt I mean:

    De loes ta moetsjoe dwaile
    die weilna sal kompas
    del wassas talarero iekeres massimas

    WTF? Is that Spanish at all?? I mean eh yeah...

    (I'm not drunk, btw:p )
  2. BladeZero0

    BladeZero0 Guest

    Of they ta moetsjoe dwaile
    of weilina sal buy
    of the wassas talarero iekeres massimas

    Heh. My spanish is rusty, but my klingon is a well oiled bat'leth.
  3. De loes ta moetsjoe dwaile
    die weilna sal kompas
    del wassas talarero iekeres massimas


    Is that the phoenetic? Is moetsjoe mucho, maybe? Dwaile is duele... I'm only a beginner en espanol, though, nearing intermediate, but hey.
  4. Marte666

    Marte666 Guest

    Yes it is.
  5. Gah! 2:3 on the time :b , Evil 23 hits again :D !
    Anyhow.. some of it looks as if it could be spanish if it were spelled a bit differently, but, if it's literally written like that, it's not spanish..
  6. *slaps SS* As has already been said twice, it's phonetic.

    I think that the letters you use to spell the thing phonetically are different to how I would interpret them Marte, because some of the pronunciation I'm getting from reading that is a bit not Spanish. The "W"s for example.
  7. Marte666

    Marte666 Guest

    I didn't spell it, someone else wrote it down like that as lyrics in the booklet of a cd from Rowwen Heze, lol.
  8. Slaps SS as well*
    Records "phoenetic" (SP?) in his finite 16 year old sophomore sophomoric vocabulary book :D , don't I sound silly :b !

    hmmm.. then.. depending on how well your friend is oriented with 'spelling', it could be spanish if he's a very poor speller, like majority of the people in my family :b !
  9. Marte666

    Marte666 Guest

    Now can you give me a translation SS? I know it's totally misspelled as said many times before.Pfft, some help you are!:p
  10. Can you not get the lyrics in Google? Than you could just plug em into a translator.

    Either way, I'm retiring myself from this task. :p
  11. Marte666

    Marte666 Guest

    Eh a translator doesn't work, you know that.:p I really can't find the original lyrics or a translation.:\
  12. umaeril

    umaeril Guest

    maybe it is one of these songs. and they are in Dutch it looks like.

    Rowwen Heze Lyrics
    (32 song lyrics)
    » 't Keumt Allemoal Dor Ow
    » Allemoal Vur Os
    » Als Ik Drink
    » Altied Op Zeuk
    » Ay Yay Yay
    » Bertje
    » Bestel Mar
    » Blieve Loepe
    » D'n Duvel Is Los
    » D'n Harde Weg
    » Dansen
    » De Brug
    » De Lamp Ging Oet
    » De Moan
    » De Peel In Brand
    » De Zwarte Plak
    » Dichter Bij Ow
    » Fanfaar
    » Hebbe Hebbe
    » Henk Is Enne Lollige Vent
    » Kroenenberg
    » Langzaam
    » Limburg
    » Loep Nar D'n Tap Toe
    » Merge Wuurd 't Beter
    » Pietje Mos Melleke
    » Proate
    » Rowwen Heze
    » Tuba
    » Twieje Wurd
    » Vul Te Lang Gelijje
    » Werme Regen
  13. Jodelien

    Jodelien Member

    Very, very late, but Google brought me to this place, found a forum post in the mean time about this with the answer. ;-)

    Het nummer "Kroenenberg" is een vertaling van het nummer "Ay te dejo en San Antonio" van Flaco Jiménez. Los Lobos heeft het nummer ook gezongen en Rowwen Hèze op haar beurt daarna weer. De Spaanse Lyrics zijn: Te gusta mucho el baile Y bailas al compas Te vas hasta Laredo Y quieres mas y mas Dit betekent, naar het Nederlands vertaald : Je houdt van dansen en je danst op de compas. Jij gaat naar Laredo en je wilt meer en meer


    Sorry for necro-ing. D: Blame it on google. In short, it's phonetic Limburgs, which is a dialect in the Netherlands, it's meant to be in Spanish:
    "Te gusta mucho el baile Y bailas al compas Te vas hasta Laredo Y quieres mas y mas"

    Even in Dutch it doesn't sound like this. Just listened to the song and it's quite funny, guys in the bar see a pretty girl, more tanned than usual and he starts to speak "Spanish" to her, but in the last phrase she says that she's from a neighbour town. ;-)
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  14. Umaeril

    Umaeril -o-}}}X{{{-o- Staff Member

    I'd say you are the winner of the GRAND PRIZE FOR GREATEST NECRO IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE!!! :bows: :p

    Haha, wow I wonder whatever happened to Marte. I don't think you were here when she was at this board, that was long ago, wow, 15 freaking years ago!!!! Marte had a very intense personality and I liked her very much, but she had a temper, oh lord she could get pissed at people haha! We used to have regulars pick out their own emojis and she choose: :marte: Yep, I would say that represented her pretty well. We had some good conversations and I miss her and hope she is doing well in life, these 15 years later. :)

    I don't mind necros I just wish there were some way that whoever wrote the old post could be notified.
  15. Jodelien

    Jodelien Member

    Thank you, thank you. :) I'm honored! Blame it to google, I didn't knew the forum address and googled it, it brought me straight to this thread.

    Funny to think that also half of my life is sort-of registered by google... Everything I ever shared online on forums. Ah, nevermind.

    I got a notification, but I am a newer member and I ticked the box that I'd like to get a notification when someone replies to my reply, if someone doesn't change his or her emailaddress over time...

    It would be neat to chat with some older online friends. Luckily I can follow some of them online, thanks to Facebook. :) I did lose some of them unfortunately, but who doesn't I guess? I also tend to write really long emails and people want to "take their time" to reply, that's when they usually forget. Or sometimes you just don't really have anything to talk about anymore. That's what I still love about forums, there's order, people can jump in and out of topics and you don't have to talk about everything. But it seems like those are going to die a silent death as well. Even the blogs I loved to read are getting more & more quiet. Sad, I'm no into "instagram". A photo doesn't always say more than a thousand words, on the contrary.

    I really messed up the order here now, far from the original topic. Ah well.

    Random note, my avatar, which I still love, is the first I chose on forums online, it's from the music video from Gigi D-Agostino, the Riddle. Funny enough I recently heard it again on the radio in a remake. And it's indeed Gigi D'Agostino (Well, Dynoro featuring him, with "In my Mind". I wonder how many people noticed it, but well. Those were my teens. Like, 16 years ago. xD

    So, some stuff does come back. Maybe forums too. Maybe this is why people sometimes need to take their time to reply to me. My thought are way too random...
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  16. Umaeril

    Umaeril -o-}}}X{{{-o- Staff Member

    Much of my life is shared online on forums too! I started this board in 2001...wow, amazing, I was in grad school at the time and now life has gone by astonishingly quickly. Good lord in just 1.5 years this board will have been in existence for 20 years. :eek-18: If I knew emails I'd hold a 20th anniversary board party, hehe.

    I agree it is nice to chat with old online friends but I never got into FB and actually I took down my account in protest in 2017 so mostly I have no idea where anyone is and since I am a poor correspondent I guess I'll never know. This board, however, will stay up as long at it can. Honestly I get an urge to close it down every year but then I think maybe someone might stop by and actually people do now and then so I am glad I can keep it going. Chris who does the admin here is a life-saver to keep it going and looking good.

    I did not know about your avatar, it's pretty cute. I don't have any particular attachment or story to my avatar here, just a picture I found long ago on another board and appropriated for myself. I'm too lazy to change it. xD
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