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Mac and cheese!! ^_^

Discussion in 'Archipelago' started by umaeril, Aug 22, 2003.

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  1. umaeril

    umaeril Guest

    omg this is so good. i will even eat the cheap stuff i dont care. *munches*
  2. Rakauq

    Rakauq Guest

    *munches on spare HTML tag*

    While you're at it, Giger.
  3. Senile3

    Senile3 Guest

    You know who has damn good mac & cheese? KFC. They only serve it in the buffet, though....

    I also love mac & cheese.... with tabasco or Frank's Red Hot, of course (I put that stuff on almost everything).
  4. trickyvikki

    trickyvikki Guest

    I know a lady that puts Velveeta Cheese on hers, and Yummmmmm it is soooooooo good. :)
  5. Smokey Haze

    Smokey Haze Guest

    I will not eat mac & cheese unless it has Velvetta on it!!!! oh yeah, I sometimes add a little garlic powder too!
  6. umaeril

    umaeril Guest

    i got to have that cheap cheezy Kraft kind. but actually i like real mac and cheese, i mean the really good stuff with the crusty top on it like in a cassarole dish. mmm..

    i ate mac and cheese and topped it off with cereal for dessert. :lol
  7. I eat so much mac and cheese it's not funny. I can eat a whole box of the storebought kind, and brand. 5.5oz box or 12oz box, I'll eat the whole thing if I feel like it :D
  8. umaeril

    umaeril Guest

    i couldnt eat the whole thing. mine made 3 cups i ate 2 cups of the stuff. o_O
  9. I could eat an entire normal package of that stuff if I were hungry, but normally we use it to make other dishes :p
  10. PataChu666

    PataChu666 Guest

    mac and cheese :mqs should taste it one day

    (i already tried a Sun Sparc with bacon last week , but a mac ... )
  11. umaeril

    umaeril Guest

    Re: Re: Mac and cheese!! ^_^

    no no....macaroni and cheese! surely you have that? just pasta with melted cheese all over it, cheddar cheese though some like other cheeses.
  12. CyborgShaman

    CyborgShaman Guest

    Re: Re: Mac and cheese!! ^_^

    Macaroni & Cheese! Oh yessssss! And I'm a fervent adherent of Tabasco too! :drool
  13. Re: Re: Mac and cheese!! ^_^

    Mm I'll wolf down a box of the cheap stuff too. Mac and cheese is good. Usually.
  14. Vild Djavul

    Vild Djavul Guest

    Re: Re: Mac and cheese!! ^_^

    I like Mac and cheese when the cheese is REALLY gooey..... coz I usually add extra cheese, then melt it. :b
  15. umaeril

    umaeril Guest

    Re: Re: Mac and cheese!! ^_^

    oooh the extra cheesey mac and cheese!! i have put grated cheddar on mine before but i didnt have any.

    ok i have a whole cup leftover so should i eat it cold or warm it up? (now we will find out who are the real mac and cheese eaters).
  16. Re: Re: Mac and cheese!! ^_^

    Warm it up. Real mac and cheese eaters know it's only good hot, and imposter mac and cheese eaters would say eat it cold just to put you through it and try to give the impression that they're hardcore fans of the stuff.
  17. Re: Re: Mac and cheese!! ^_^

    Add some milk until it reaches about the same level as the mac and cheese, then stir it. Put it in the microwave for a minute around 70%, and enjoy :D That's how I always eat my leftovers.
  18. umaeril

    umaeril Guest

    Re: Re: Mac and cheese!! ^_^

    haha! i ate it cold. :b

    edit: next time i think i will try that adding the milk and re-heating though.
  19. Re: Re: Mac and cheese!! ^_^

    It makes the cheese more like it was before, it's not all hard and dried. And you can drink the milk for a cheesy flavor :D
  20. trickyvikki

    trickyvikki Guest

    Re: Re: Mac and cheese!! ^_^

    That sounds like a good tip. I'll have to try that next time. Uma I have ate it cold bunches of times.

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