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Not to be a downer, but...

Discussion in 'Archipelago' started by CriancaBunnyears, Jun 9, 2009.

The Gates of Horn and Ivory

Two Gates the silent House of Sleep adorn; Of polish'd Iv'ry this, that of transparent Horn:
True Visions thro' transparent Horn arise; Thro' polish'd Iv'ry pass deluding Lies.

  1. CriancaBunnyears

    CriancaBunnyears Simply Not Normal

    ...but I can't believe people can be this sick. I'm not going to sign the petition to have her tried as an adult because I know petitions like that mean nothing and are just a way to appease outrage, but my god I hope she is tried as an adult and locked up on all charges.


    The normal sickening factor of an article like this is, of course, multiplied because my kitten's right next to me, sleeping, but only a sociopath could do that to another creature, such a slow, painful death.
  2. Crazy Dave Number 23

    Crazy Dave Number 23 Methodless Madness Staff Member

    Bah, I wish I didn't read that. People are always being ridiculous somewhere, I like to not be reminded.

    Not complaining to you Cri, just speaking my mind.
  3. LegendOfTheEpic

    LegendOfTheEpic Member

    Oh, yeah, I heard about this.

    They should definitely keep an eye on this girl--she shows more than one sign of criminal deviance. I would not be surprised if five years from now she roasted a person instead.
  4. Umaeril

    Umaeril -o-}}}X{{{-o- Staff Member

    I don't have to read it, I get it that a girl killed a kitten in a horrible manner, correct? Ok I read it to check and I am right. That girl must have been terribly abused herself to turn around and abuse another creature like that. She looks normal in the picture and she is smiling, but what really is going on is that she was probably raped as a child or terribly abused physically, beaten, maybe burned herself. It is that kind of thing that twists a mind so profoundly that the mind can then enact that same brutality on another.
  5. CriancaBunnyears

    CriancaBunnyears Simply Not Normal

    It's that or sociopath. Abuse, I hope counseling could help. But if abuse has pushed her into being a sociopath (which is too common in abused kids, and which is never really successfully treated, much less cured (there's a news story I just read about a couple who adopted three brothers, later found out they were abused, and the boys tried to kill them on several occasions, and did kill many animals, to the point they're considering going into hiding when the oldest hits eighteen and gets out of the facility he's in)), then, well. You can't give someone a conscience. The fact that she left because she didn't want to hear the cat is a little hopeful, but while she definitely deserves to go to jail, it'll probably dehumanize her the rest of the way.
  6. Skully

    Skully Reptiles and Samurai Staff Member

    That's just sick. She really does deserve all she gets.

    Plenty of people have messed up childhoods, but nothing warrants taking it out on another living being like that. She needs to be locked up.

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