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Swords and daggers!

Discussion in 'Archipelago' started by umaeril, Aug 17, 2003.

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  1. umaeril

    umaeril Guest

    oooOhh last night i got a lesson in choreograph sword fighting. it was much harder than i though. well especially since he had a sword and i had my walking stick. :lol dang!

    anyhow, i showed him my dagger (i will see if i can get a photo of it) and he said it was an edged weapon (good for killing) but not for choreograph fighting for that reason.

    anybody fence, have a sword, have a dagger, care to post a piccy of it?
  2. Eros

    Eros Guest

    Uma, this is the first post I have ever seen you have spelling errors in. :lol

    I don't have a sword or a dagger. Trust me, if I had one I would be even more dangerous then I am already.

    You have a dagger uma? I would like to see it. I am quite curious to see what it looks like.
  3. Spelling error? looks like Er0z spamma needs to learn how to spel :p

    Go find the first Uma & Lun piccies thread! There's a pic of me with the dagger :D
  4. umaeril

    umaeril Guest

  5. Eros

    Eros Guest

    Wow, that is very nice! Its cheap too! Maybe ill buy it and try to sell it for more and make a profit. Either way, that looks like its well worth the money.
  6. That one is sexy ^.^

    I'd take a picture of my wee kitchen knife but I cannot seem to bother. =)
  7. Eros

    Eros Guest

    Yes Miz, that dagger is sexy and it is pretty nice. I don't see why they price it so low. The guy could probably get pretty good money for that thing. I'd buy it for that price if I didn't have other things to pay for.
  8. Crawdo Kenni

    Crawdo Kenni Guest

    Ooo.... *buys 50 of that dagger and throws it randomly* :)

    I don't have a dagger or a sword.

    I want a sword...

    ... but I don't really like the double-handed kind. (You know, those heavy ones...) I prefer light blades or katanas. (Wee! I'm off to my RPG world again!)
  9. Eros

    Eros Guest

    Pid, you do live in your fantasy world a little bit too much. Maybe 2 of those daggers would be reasonable. I wish I had more money. Maybe when I graduate college and have a job for a few years I can pleasure spend.
  10. I have no sword. Sword deprived...has sword envy. Unless you count a plastic lightsaber from back when i went through my Episode One fanboy stage. Man i am still trying to live that down...
  11. We have bunches of swords and knives... I'll try to get a pic of my kahj (sp?), it's a gorgeous Arabic shortsword, though it isn't sharpened. If I tried to slit my wrists with it I'd die of old age first. :)
  12. umaeril

    umaeril Guest

    yeah, lets see your swords crianca.

    hey michael they have real light sabers now only i think they are very fragile and rather stupid. they are glass with a gas in them i think.
  13. Crawdo Kenni

    Crawdo Kenni Guest

    lol True dat is, Eros.

    I'd like that dagger as well. A samurai blade would be nice as well, but daggers are still nicer because they seem to be prettier when decorated. A Flamberge might be nice as well, but even that is not as decorative as some daggers could get...
  14. *sigh* I want a fantasy blade, but Uma thinks they are stupid :p
  15. One of my friends has a sword. He's not supposed to take it out when he has friends over, but once someone was really pissing off him and his dad so his dad gave him permission to chase the kid out of the house with the sword :eek
  16. Sounds like fun :D
  17. Crawdo Kenni

    Crawdo Kenni Guest

    Eh... Fun indeed. :toothy
  18. CyborgShaman

    CyborgShaman Guest

    So, are you taking up classical fencing then, Uma? Good swordmanship is an advantage in many other endeavours. I've had some experience with sparring with blunt steel blades, but I did not pursue the sport as I had too many other things to fill my time. Pity...maybe I should look into it again.

    Sur votre garde! ;)
  19. *giggles* I wish I could chase people around with swords... Maybe I will... *goes and contemplates which sword*
  20. Towenden

    Towenden Guest

    I have a bunch of daggers, but just one sword. It's a straight katana. I use it for sword dancing and other sword exercises.
    I've only had one accident. :lol

    It seems to be full tang, but it's a cheapy. I don't want put that to the test (it might break).

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