1. The Gates of Horn and Ivory are Closing!
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The Gates of Horn and Ivory are Closing -- Post your contact info here!

Discussion in 'Metropolis' started by Chris, Dec 11, 2019.

The Gates of Horn and Ivory

Two Gates the silent House of Sleep adorn; Of polish'd Iv'ry this, that of transparent Horn:
True Visions thro' transparent Horn arise; Thro' polish'd Iv'ry pass deluding Lies.

  1. Chris

    Chris Forever and One Staff Member

    Hey all,

    After speaking with Uma earlier today, the decision has been made to turn The Gates into a read-only archive starting very shortly (exact time frame has not really been set, but basically anytime now) and to essentially close up shop here. I'll be creating a splash page that'll be the first thing you see when you come to The Gates from now on which will contain an explanation that things have shut down, a link to view the archived forums here, and a contact form so you can keep in touch with Uma. It's been a good run, but this is something that has been on the cards for a while and now seems the best time to actually follow through with it.

    Having said that, I do believe the guild on Gaia is still around and can still be used as a meeting point, and it's also possible if we all want to keep in touch to start up a subreddit or a facebook group, if that's a route we want to explore.

    The primary reason I'm posting this thread, however, is for all of us to assemble our contact information here, so that, irrespective of what happens next, we all have a means of contacting one another should we have need of it, or to keep in touch! So feel free to post your various means of contact here in this thread and I will leave a note at the top of forums once we officially close things down, directing people here to find the contact information.

    I might as well get things started --

    Twitter: @PGen98
    Xbox Live: PGenChris
    PSN: PGen98
    Nintendo Online: PGen98
    Steam: GWApollo

    Will add any more I can think of as I remember them, but there's a few to locate me if anyone should ever need anything from me!

    All the best,

  2. Entervixen

    Entervixen Well-Known Member

    Well it's sad, but not unexpected. My stuff is as follows

    email/google: thanagrayson at gmail dot com
    facebook: nebulousennui (I use messenger pretty much everyday so its a good contact point)
    reddit: nebulousennui
    twitter: nebulousennui (I'm never on though, so it's not a good contact point)
    tumblr: nebulousennui
    imgur: nebulousennui
    discord: nebulousennui
    psn: hibari ginza
    Xbox live hibarixginza

    I have an xbox live account too, as well as a nintendo one, its just been so long since we sold our consoles I can't remember it offhand haha. I'll edit it in soon.
    Last edited: Dec 13, 2019
  3. edokitty

    edokitty meow baby

  4. 21007

    21007 Member

    I only use discord as far as "social media" goes, so you can have that if you want. I doubt anyone needs it, but it doesn't hurt me to post it either.
    Discord: PunkRockPrincess#9103
  5. Pokemonmaster250

    Pokemonmaster250 I don't need a map of my dreams.

    i have like everything... lol
    Been having a lot going wrog- like my now previous landlord had an unlicensed maintenance man...who couldn't figure out how to turn off the water upstairs while he was setting up a different fridge....so he left a faucet running to relieve pressure & flooded my half of the house which was the basement. My computer stopped getting online, and randomly right before the flood started working again for no apparent reason (it's Windows 7 so need to upgrade since support is no-more)..Luckily i took this current quarter off since it's been nothing but a mess.
    Lost my only friend from EZ that was never apart of this board/group, and now this place is going away... :(

    GoodReads: https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/21880823-rayjan-koehler
    Twitch: masochistmouseyt
    FB: www.facebook.com/pokemonmaster250
    DA: www.deviantart.com/pokemonmaster250
    IG: instagram.com/pokemonmaster250
    SingSnap: http://www.singsnap.com/karaoke/member/ytmouse
    Playstation: WrathfulSlothy
    Xbox(not on live as of posting but will be setup ASAP): Ma5ochi5tMou5e
    Switch: SW-1572-7456-1901
    Gaia: Of course its pokemonmaster250
    Discord: YTMouse#4788
    Wizards Unite: 4409 2871 5885
    Youtube: MasochistMouse
    Myspace(rarely use but here it is lol): Rayjan Koehler
    Pokemon Go: 4570-3113-0928
    Twitter: PM250EZB
    MTG Arena:
    D&D Online:
    Phone: (509)-496-2240 (getting overloaded with spam for some reason- so some texts not from robots would be okay lol)
    My old webpage i play around with once in a blue moon (needs a list of some of this also forgot email used- so cannot see questions/comments at the moment): http://dreaming250.weebly.com/
    New Webpage: https://fireclover-aol-com.wixsite.com/pokemonmaster250 DeviantArt partnered with Wix to help users create a webpage to promote their art so i've just set this up & was playing around...was having some trouble with my computer or the editor so there's somethings not setup right, but i'll play more with those later.
    ExtraLife: *Not setup for this year yet unfortunately

    If i can think of more i'll add before it is archived.
    Feel free to keep in touch if you'd like. :)
    Last edited: Jun 5, 2020
  6. Jodelien

    Jodelien Member

    Sad to see this place go as well, I'm not sure if the Gaia guild is still alive? I'm Jodelien there as well, but I rarely log in. I'll try to check it now and then. :)

    No other games at the moment, busy homeschooling. Weird time it is. Stay safe everyone!

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