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Who/which is cooler? [game]

Discussion in 'Archipelago' started by umaeril, Jun 18, 2003.

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  1. umaeril

    umaeril Guest

    I am not sure how far this will get so I have put it in here. Mods unsticky it if it doesn't go far.

    Pick which one, then leave 2 choices for the next person.

    Who is cooler:

    Luke or Anakin?
  2. Re: Who is cooler? [game]


    Black or red
  3. Re: Who is cooler? [game]

    Black... I think the point is it's people :|

    John Lennon or Kurt Cobain
  4. 1inchpin

    1inchpin Guest

    Re: Who is cooler? [game]


    Windows or Linux?
  5. Re: Who is cooler? [game]

    *stabs Ditte for the wrong answer* :p


    Chicken Soup or Clam Chowder
  6. Re: Who is cooler? [game]

    clam chowder.

    alaska or hawaii?
  7. Re: Who is cooler? [game]

    Alaska! *Jenn smacks Keoki* Ouch I mean... Hawaii of course!!

    Lunaris or Lunaris?
  8. Re: Who is cooler? [game]

    n/a :b

    Someone moshing or someone skanking?
  9. Vild Djavul

    Vild Djavul Guest

    Re: Who is cooler? [game]

    Moshin. I can't deal with skanks. :b (No comments from the gallery.)

    Late, or early?
  10. Re: Who is cooler? [game]


    Day or Night
  11. xiana136

    xiana136 Guest

    Re: Who is cooler? [game]


    matrix or 13th floor
  12. umaeril

    umaeril Guest

    Re: Which is cooler? [game]

    it was supposed to be people but "which" is fine. (that makes this an "either-or" game actually).


    Windows XP or other
  13. Re: Which is cooler? [game]


    Hm, I was the only one that caught on :p

    :pie or :baka
  14. xiana136

    xiana136 Guest

    Re: Which is cooler? [game]


    liek or like
  15. Re: Which is cooler? [game]


    Photoshop Phriday or Fotoshop Friday?
  16. Re: Which is cooler? [game]

    Photoshop Phriday

    Fine.. Stick with people. :lol

    Marilyn Manson or Marilyn Monroe?
  17. Vild Djavul

    Vild Djavul Guest

    Re: Which is cooler? [game]

    Marilyn Monroe

    Hillary Clinton, or Bill Clinton?
  18. Re: Which is cooler? [game]


    Star Wars, or Star Trek?
  19. Re: Which is cooler? [game]

    Star Wars

    Robin Williams or William Shakespeare?
  20. Re: Which is cooler? [game]

    Robin Williams, for humor. Shakespeare's humor is a bit outdated nowadays.

    Homedawg or your mom?

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