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Black holes and revelations....

Discussion in 'Metropolis' started by Umaeril, Nov 17, 2014.

The Gates of Horn and Ivory

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  1. Umaeril

    Umaeril -o-}}}X{{{-o- Staff Member

    Not of the musical type either.

    Check this out (link). Have any of you ever heard of her, the author, name of Laura Mersini- Houghton? So this article came out in September but this is the first I have heard of this. What do you think?

    Also, Dr. Houghton is a proponent of a multiverse hypothesis which is very interesting. She was on Science Channel if you get that channel.
  2. Crazy Dave Number 23

    Crazy Dave Number 23 Methodless Madness Staff Member

    I remember reading about this. I will look for another article, whichever one I read was more detailed, and through conversation in the comments following the article, I think the consensus was that her idea didn't totally eliminate the possibility of black holes, it just provided another perspective that, blessedly, made the math work.

    Otherwise, I have not heard of her, and of course know nothing of the math/physics.

    Here is a counter to the hype it generated, that provides a little more explanation:

  3. Skully

    Skully Reptiles and Samurai Staff Member

    Too brainy for me; I need Brian Cox to do a nice, easy, soothing show on it. =p
  4. EthanDirtch

    EthanDirtch Canuckle Head

    So, first things first, I'm not a scientist in any shape or form, so I can't comment on any math or theories within the confines of science.

    Second things first, who's Virginia!?

    Third things first, I definitely think it's an interesting thought. I--like a lot of people probably--have always considered black holes as the ultimate 'nothingness', and ultimate 'inevitability'. So, anything that helps us further understand them (further understand anything, really) is a good thing. I read both article linked here, and again since I don't know the maths or science behind this stuff I can't really 'pick a side'. I will agree with the second article in that the first one involved a paper that was not peer-reviewed (which I think is important?), and that anything and everything regarding black holes is largely theoretical.

    Fourth things first, I'm not sure on multiverses. What I mean is, again, I don't know enough to pick one side or the other. From a fiction writer's perspective it's cool stuff (but also headache inducing if you try to force serious science stuff into it...like time travel).
  5. Umaeril

    Umaeril -o-}}}X{{{-o- Staff Member

    I have to read the 2nd article, I will do that later when I have time.

    For the multiverse hypothesis, her work substantially adds to the evidence that they exist and even interact with each other to a limited degree. She predicted a cold spot in our heavens which (to her) represents another universe's collision with our universe and the trace of it that it left on this one. It is fascinating that her prediction was correct!
  6. Umaeril

    Umaeril -o-}}}X{{{-o- Staff Member

    Ok I read the other article and both abstracts of the original work, though Nick would be best for that (there was no math presented in the abstracts, however). I can see that there is a heated debate. Although the original abstracts do say what happens to a star they do not address all black hole-type phenomenon which leaves room for other perspectives. imo.

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