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Other than being yelled at by a couple of drunk male college students-

Discussion in 'Metropolis' started by Pokemonmaster250, Sep 1, 2019.

The Gates of Horn and Ivory

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  1. Pokemonmaster250

    Pokemonmaster250 I don't need a map of my dreams.

    Well tonight was fun i worked at WSU (Wasington State University) tonight, bag checks & ticket scanning was pretty easy...at the end i had to struggle to do my last task-

    i had to go & stand on the field- & with sensory issues...you don't want to be surrounded by amplified cheering. XD i do not like loud environments like that, and it was really hot so i had to keep rubbing my palms on my pants, but the sweat would form again right after. i haven't had it in a while, but sometimes in open spaces i feel like gravity is about to fail me & i feel unbalanced- like the sky is going to swallow me. That weirdness hit me, but i stood where i was told & tried to act fine, but inside i was fighting running off & hiding in a dark quiet corner.
    The loud was almost too much, but i managed not to cradle my head or anything.

    Most of the guests were nice, but shortly into working this one woman nearly bit off another temps head- because he told her he wasn't allowed to let her bring an empty water bottle inside..and, a few drunk college dudes bitching because we couldn't let them in through one gate.

    All-in-all it was a interesting experience, and some attendees dancing was cool- one guy danced up stairs to a song they were playing outside a gate i was working at one part, and this little girl they put on the screen dancing by her dad was cute & an amazing dancer....

    i love being able to try so many different jobs with my job...
    All-in-all it was a fun night, and the store i went to on my lunch-break was interesting- i have never seen a store on a campus accept EBT but this one does... i did get lost in a building after using a bathroom (the buildings are like mazes), but i managed to find my way back where i needed to go. lol

    i would definitely work a football game again...
  2. edokitty

    edokitty meow baby

    What sort of event was happening at the university?
  3. Pokemonmaster250

    Pokemonmaster250 I don't need a map of my dreams.

    Was working at a college football game, have done many since then..but, not as many rude people since the first- still a couple here & there though.

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