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Some of the weirdest things remind me of this place... lol

Discussion in 'Metropolis' started by Pokemonmaster250, Jun 5, 2020.

The Gates of Horn and Ivory

Two Gates the silent House of Sleep adorn; Of polish'd Iv'ry this, that of transparent Horn:
True Visions thro' transparent Horn arise; Thro' polish'd Iv'ry pass deluding Lies.

  1. Pokemonmaster250

    Pokemonmaster250 I don't need a map of my dreams.

    Someone bammed me(new craze where people bring something*usually a giftbag of goodies* ring the doorbell & run like hell!), and there was a can of Rolling Rock in the bag- so i've been thinking for days about this place. lmao The guy left me a knife from Budk in the bag too- looked it up on youtube & it just might be a perfect thing for me. Gotta get some paracord & make the handle more pretty/comftorble. It's better than the toothpick i got off of Wish (that's not saying much though).

    Still haven't tried since that convo with Dave- that was forever ago, but maybe if the Gaia is still up i'll have to logon there more to catch up with everyone.

    Definitely lasted a lot longer than Fairy Dragon Lawn (i think that was the name) & ezboard(though i guess technically ez/yuku is around as some other name now), and it was a good run. i am going to make an effort to login Gaia more just for the Gates though- since it's not fully gone. :heart:

    Wait- does this count as spam?...i'm kinda mindlessly rambling here. i still haven't done anything major with my life- though i'm technically a college student i am not credit. i am too afraid of loans to try doing credit classes. Some have said i should be able to get a full scholarship, but how does one do that? :confused: Are there sponsorships for college? :sweatdrop:
    i've really needed change for a longtime.

    Okay i should go practice some screaming then goto bed s it's 2:32AM though my brain doesn't want to shutoff. i tried Singsnap & that failed, so maybe that will fail too. :sweatdrop:
  2. Crazy Dave Number 23

    Crazy Dave Number 23 Methodless Madness Staff Member

    We are the mighty spamm0rs. :freaky:
  3. Crazy Dave Number 23

    Crazy Dave Number 23 Methodless Madness Staff Member

    I never heard of bamming. Wish someone would bam me a beer! :rainbow:

    I think about this place often, especially when I am lonesome. I don't have the support in my life that I had while this place was alive. The safety to share intimate thoughts and feelings. And friends I made here that I still communicate with regularly.

    I hadn't logged into Gaia in I don't know how many years. I see I have nothing left in my inventory, I think I sold it all and gave away my gold before I left. Frankly, the place looks a little "busy" for me. But maybe I will take up fishing again. :) Username there is Citizen Swooboo.

    When going to school, you should be eligible for Pell Grants. Those don't get paid back. Pell Grants covered most, if not all of my schooling. I got into trouble with loans because I took them out to pay rent. Don't do that. You need to fill out the FAFSA. Doesn't cost anything, and doesn't take even an hour to fill out. I think when I update it each years it takes all of 15 minutes. Then they will tell you how much grant money you are eligible for.
  4. Pokemonmaster250

    Pokemonmaster250 I don't need a map of my dreams.

    Yeah the bam thing is local facebook groups(like the kidness rocks or buy nothing project), but i am getting sick of FBs BS so i may have to giveup those & the amazon wishlist groups(buy stuff off of peoples wishlists & amazon ships it so no need for address sharing with strangers i've got some cool things off of them) groups.
    FB allows foreign porn groups that promote rape, but a normal family picture of a shirtless 5-yearold boy goes against community standards & you can't even point out to their staff it's a boy the algorithm got it wrong.

    i like getting random gifts, and sometimes alcohol included! lol

    Every-time i hear Saturday by Chicago this is the first place/thing i think of. lol Definitely the same for me, never had such a solid support system anywhere else even close to the gates. Never had the feeling of not fitting in or not belonging when here either.

    i haven't been logging in Gaia, but i'll have to try it. lol

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