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Where is Zeddicus?

Discussion in 'Frenzy' started by umaeril, Aug 30, 2002.

The Gates of Horn and Ivory

Two Gates the silent House of Sleep adorn; Of polish'd Iv'ry this, that of transparent Horn:
True Visions thro' transparent Horn arise; Thro' polish'd Iv'ry pass deluding Lies.

  1. umaeril

    umaeril Guest

    he was here earlier, or was that last night. he captured the page.
  2. I havent seen him in ages...
  3. Edit wars? Fear my invisibility code! :lol

    Miz: If you're a disguised Quina, I'll just call you beautiful; I love Quina. How's that? =P
  4. umaeril

    umaeril Guest

    for a good edit war you need at least 4 people on at the same time, imo.
  5. 1inchpin

    1inchpin Guest

    Ah, yes, I'm Quina! I'm the overgrown toad eater that is genderless, and I don't even look right! Fear me! Mwahahahah!

    <span style="visibility:hidden">
  6. I am not doing anything dangerous. =P lol

    <h2>Chatz Wuz Here!</h2>
  7. umaeril

    umaeril Guest

    what dangerous thing are you doing?
  8. umaeril

    umaeril Guest

    Chatz is the coolest person I have ever talked to. Man he is so cool.

    <h2>Chatz Forbids Skwirls</h2>
  9. I will kill you for saying that, Uma!

    <span style="visibility:hidden">
  10. umaeril

    umaeril Guest

    lmao!! i would edit you but i am lazy. :b
  11. <!--EZCODE QUOTE START--><blockquote>Quote:<hr> Chatz Forbids Skwirls<hr></blockquote><!--EZCODE QUOTE END-->

    It's like being tagged by graffiti. :lol
  12. umaeril

    umaeril Guest

    :lol too funny!! i guess it is a mark of honor maybe. :D
  13. Hmm. Maybe I'll make an <!--EZCODE BOLD START--> Edo rulez<!--EZCODE BOLD END--> graphic. It could be cute, or maybe not...
  14. wakkowakka18

    wakkowakka18 Guest

    who is edo?
  15. That would be me :b
  16. Dum dum dum! Pid is in action again! =P *points to Chatz's post*
  17. wakkowakka18

    wakkowakka18 Guest

    that didn't make sense...
  18. which post pid?

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