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Where is Zeddicus?

Discussion in 'Frenzy' started by umaeril, Aug 30, 2002.

The Gates of Horn and Ivory

Two Gates the silent House of Sleep adorn; Of polish'd Iv'ry this, that of transparent Horn:
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  1. wakkowakka18

    wakkowakka18 Guest

    school is truly evil!
  2. 1inchpin

    1inchpin Guest

    .. tha'ts why I didn't go there today either, heh
  3. i thought you could only post from school?
  4. Oh to be young and have gone to school when there were computers. heehee

    I wouldn't like it though. I have even using computers at the library.
  5. 1inchpin

    1inchpin Guest

    Oh no, I post at the library =)
  6. I had computers, but I always seemed to be on the old one's that sucked, but when I was on the new one's I like posted until they made this thing where you had to have a password and an ID, and you had to log into the internet, and if you did anything they had up as posting you would lose it just reasearch stuff I think you could go to message boards and stuff and look but if you posted then you try logging in again you wouldn't be able to it sucked a monkey..
  7. umaeril

    umaeril Guest

    i had computers in college. we did all our calculus on computers. modeling systems, etc. but i hate restricted comps. ticks me off.
  8. It's not really the library but rather the people sitting next to me. I'm a hermit. ;)
  9. 1inchpin

    1inchpin Guest

    lol, many smelly people come to the library nowadays
  10. Zeddicuus

    Zeddicuus Guest

    I haven't gone to the library in a while now. I still have a set of books sitting here I need to read, then I'm borrowing LotR from a friend.
  11. librarians are evil. especially when it comes to overdue books. they're all greedy old ladies that want your money. or else they harass you about the fatal consequences of your little red plastic library card being void.
  12. umaeril

    umaeril Guest

    those librarians pissed me off yesterday!! all i wanted was to print this stupid pdf file and the comps there are so restricted that you cant even access a file from your email to print it out. :kissmyass

    i gave them a piece of my mind. it was like this: :curse
  13. lol @ Miz

    I suddenly checked the HTML file of the page to find out who edited it when I saw what happened to my post. Good one, Miz. =)

    As for librarians, I never really had a trouble with them. =\
  14. umaeril

    umaeril Guest

    just wait.
  15. 1inchpin

    1inchpin Guest

    "I suddenly checked the HTML file of the page to find out who edited it when I saw what happened to my post. Good one, Miz. =)"
    *Snaps fingers* I tried to piss you off dammit =(
  16. Pid is the embodiment of good humor. i have noticed that...he can take a joke.
  17. 21007

    21007 Guest

    I can make Wic (pid) go "-_- *sigh*"
  18. 1inchpin

    1inchpin Guest

    No offense, but if you really tried, you could make anyone run away screaming :lol
  19. Does she really have to try hard? ;)

  20. 1inchpin

    1inchpin Guest

    lol, watch out =p

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